Apr 8, 2021

Home Accessibility Solutions in Allegheny County

Having a place to relax and center our lives around brings a great amount of peace to our lives. This is why most people feel most comfortable in their own homes. However, not being able to access your own home properly due to physical limitations can feel make people feel alienated and insecure.

At 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions, we’re focused on helping people feel at home again through the power of accessible remodels and accessible home solutions. Whether you or a loved one is temporarily disabled from a surgery or injury, facing long-term physical limitations, or may be unsafe navigating a non-accessible home, 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions is here to make your Allegheny County home accessible, safe, and as comfortable as possible.

We know how important it is to have a confidant by your side when transitioning into a more accessible home. Providing you with peace of mind and the ability to age in place, 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions is your partner in taking back independence. Explore everything you need to you about an accessible home remodel in Allegheny County before getting started.

Is it time for an Accessibility Remodel?

Finding the Right Time for an Accessible Remodel in Allegheny County

Accessible Remodel

As we age, the likelihood that we face falls, mishaps, and deal with limited mobility increases. When it comes to keeping a loved one safe, timing is everything. If you wait too long your loved one could face an injury or even death, but doing it too early seems preemptive and unnecessary.

Home accessibility remodels in Allegheny County include the creation of a handicap accessible bath, outdoor ramp, the widening of doors, and more. All of these pieces combine to help prevent falls and injuries, and it’s important to get the timing right because two-thirds of people who suffer from a fall will fall again within six months.

However, families all too often wait until the first fall occurs to make preparations. 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions want to help keep your loved ones safe, so we encourage you to look out for these potential warning signs that it may be time for home accessibility remodel:

  • Shakiness and frailness. Loves ones naturally turn more shaky and frail as they age, which is why it’s important to pay attention to the onset of these symptoms as they occur. In addition to a home accessibility remodel, these people may benefit from physical therapy or additional therapy.
  • The onset of chronic illness. If your loved one was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, it’s time to start considering home accessibility. This helps keep them mobile and safe even on days they feel sick, weak, or confused.
  • ADLs and IADLs. Doctors, social workers, and geriatric experts evaluate the skills necessary for independent living (ADLs and IADLs). These skills include getting dressed, shopping, cooking, and more. If your loved one begins to see changes in these scores, it’s time to consider a remodel.
  • A noticeable change in weight. Weight loss or weight gain can be a sign that your loved one is struggling to get around, prepare meals, or remember to eat. Once you figure out which it is, you can make the accessibility solution choices necessary to keep them moving.

In addition to aging, people with short or long term mobility challenges may benefit from an accessible home remodel. Whether you or a loved one is confined to a wheelchair temporarily or permanently, is in need us a bath grab bar following an injury, or could simply navigate the home more effectively with ramps, 3 Birds is here to make sure the home is safe and navigable for people of all ability levels.

Service Options in Allegheny County

Options for Making Your Allegheny County Home More Accessible

Accessible Shower

There are a number of ways to make your home in Allegheny County home more accessible. Three Birds Accessibility Solutions can help you identify potential hazards in your home and talk you through areas where a remodel or fixture could make your home safer and more accessible. Here are some of the options available for you:

Accessible Entryways

Entering your home or a room in your home can be difficult for individuals with physical limitations. 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions can help by widening doorways in your home to the proper width for wheelchairs and walkers. Additionally, we can help create handicap-accessible ramps for your home at the threshold and in other areas.

Accessible Bathrooms

The bathroom is where a number of slips and falls happen due to increase moisture, slick surfaces, and the way your body must move to use the toilet or bathtub. 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions offers grab bar installation, barrier-free showers ADA-compliant toilets, and tub cutouts. Additionally, you can opt for a full accessible bathroom redesign.

Accessible Stairways

A set of stairs is a major obstacle for people with mobility issues. A stairlift in the home can help you or a loved one reclaim their independence and access to the entire home.

Accessible Homes in Allegheny County: Areas We Serve

3 Birds Accessibility Solutions Serves These Cities & Towns

Three Birds Pittsburgh

When it comes to an accessible remodel, it’s important to have the job done right. Accessible solutions that lack proper installation and security can put loved ones at even greater risk. Happy to come to you to get the job done right, 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions serves these areas in Allegheny County and beyond.

Areas we serve include:

  • Pittsburgh
  • Monroeville
  • Mount Lebanon
  • Bethel Park
  • McKeesport
  • Sewickley
  • McCandless
  • Moon
  • Penn Hills
  • Upper Saint Clair
  • West Mifflin
  • South Park Township
  • Fox Chapel
  • Ross Township
  • Carnegie
  • Coraopolis
  • Bridgeville
  • Gibsonia
  • Clairton
  • Oakmont
  • Plum

Let’s help your loved one feel at home again. Get in touch with 3 Birds Accessibility Solutions today to get started with your accessible remodel in Allegheny County.

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