How to Measure for Tub Cuts

Thank you for considering 3 Birds for your new Clean Cut Tub Cut!

In order to efficiently serve you we have created this quick how-to guide for how to send us 3 photos of your bathtub which will help us determine if a Clean Cut Tub Cut can be installed in your bathtub.

1. Take a photo of the entirety of your bathtub as it sits in the bathroom.  We want to see if there are any obstacles getting into the tub, or thing like glass shower doors.

2. Take a photo of the top of your tub wall with a tape measure on it. Make sure the photo is looking directly down into the tub so that we can see the entire inner tub and any changes in thickness from the top of the tub wall to the bottom. Make sure we can read the tape measure/ruler or take an additional photo of the tape measure/ruler zoomed in. For the tub cut to fit, we need the top of your tub wall to be 7" or less, while the flared out lower portion has to be 8" or less.

3. Take a photo of the top of the bathtub with a tape measure running the span. If your tub flares in certain ways, or you have an obstacle such as a toilet or vanity blocking a portion of the tub, this is important so that we understand any limitations for the placement of the tub cut on the left to right axis of your bathtub wall.

Please text these pictures to 1-833-324-7373 or email them to

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